Sending a test message

Enveloop Test mode allows you to view and send yourself test messages.

Now that you have a message template created and content added, you can move from Build mode to Test mode using the tabs at the top of the screen.

This mode will preview how your message will render in most message clients & browsers. Also, by using the Send Test Email button, Enveloop will send a test email to you, allowing you to view the message outside of Enveloop.

Sending a test email is more of a one-off exercise to allow you the option to test the styling/layout of a specific message template. Enveloop also provides a Sandbox API key to programmatically test message-sending characteristics in your app without sending "live" messages. Messages are logged in Enveloop but are not sent out.

Viewing Dynamic Content

As was mentioned in the previous section on dynamic content, when you add new variables in curly braces, Enveloop will keep track of them and make them available to you in various parts of the app.

One of those methods is testing.

Also, when you choose to send yourself a Test Email, Enveloop will use the the values you provide. This allows you to see an "in the wild" version of your message.

Sandbox Messages

You can also "test" sending messages programmatically using the Sandbox version of your API key for a project. There are additional resources on how to do this in the Enveloop API area of the docs.

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