✉️Google Domain SMTP Relay

Set up Enveloop to use your Google Domain account to send email via SMTP.

You can read more about Google SMTP Relay in their docs:


Enveloop will be launching full support for Google OAuth for SMTP soon.

Step 1: Create an App password on Google for Enveloop.

You will not be able to log in with your normal Google password. For security, you will need to set up an App Password and will use this password to authenticate Enveloop to Google. Go to your Google account security page and create a new App password.

Step 2: Configure SMTP Relay settings

Goto your Google Admin Routing Settings and click "Add Another Rule" beside SMTP Relay Service.

Under 1. Allowed Senders chose "Only addresses in my domains"

Under 2. Authentication chose "Require SMTP Authentication"

Step 3: Configure your SMTP Provider

Follow the steps on the SMTP setup to configure the provider in Enveloop using the following settings:

  • Host: smtp-relay.gmail.com

  • User: <your google hosted email address>

  • Pass: <App password from step 1>

Step 3: Add your "Default From"

Your Default From Email is a global setting that defines the email address and identity that will deliver the message by default. Once complete, click Save Integration.

When using Google SMTP Relay you can send emails as other users in the authed domain not just the logged in user.

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