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You can use your personal Gmail account, via Google Gmail SMTP, to send emails from Enveloop. Before we get everything set up in Enveloop, you'll need to generate an App Password in Google.

Please note: Your normal Gmail password will not work when setting up Gmail SMTP. Google requires you to set up an "App" password.

Google will be sunsetting App Passwords in September 2024. Enveloop will be launching full OAuth support for Gmail SMTP soon.

Step 1: Create an "App Password" in your Google Account.

You will not be able to login with your normal Gmail password. For security reasons you will need to setup an App password used to authenticate Enveloop to Google. Here's how to do this:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.

  2. On the top-right, click on your Profile Icon and click the Manage your Google Account button.

  3. Click Security from the left navigation.

  4. In the "How you Sign In to Google" area, click Two-Step Verification.

  5. Scroll down to the App Passwords area and click App Passwords.

  6. Type in "Enveloop" for the App Name and click the Create button.

From here, Google will present you with a 16-digit password it created for you. You need to save this password in a safe place. We'll use it in an upcoming step.

Step 2: Add the Gmail SMTP Integration to your Enveloop Project

Assuming your are logged into Enveloop, use the following steps to configure Gmail SMTP.

  1. Select your team from the left-side navigation.

  2. Under the project you want to configure, click the Settings link.

  3. In the tabs at top, click the Integrations tab.

  4. In Third-Party Email Provider, click the Setup button for SMTP.

Step 3: Configure your SMTP Provider

Use the following settings to successfully configure your Gmail SMTP provider.

  • Host: smtp.gmail.com

  • User: <youremail>@gmail.com

  • Pass: Use the App Password you created in Step 1.

  • Port: 587

  • Default From Email: <youremail>@gmail.com

  • Click the Save Integration button.

When using Gmail SMTP you can only send email from the signed in user. Google will ignore the from field if you pass anything different.

Step 4: Test it out!

Ok, all settings should now be good. Nice work! Now, let's return to an email template and try it out.

  1. Click Templates for the project you added SMTP settings to and select a template.

  2. Click the Deploy tab in the top navigation.

  3. In the settings on the right, choose your Production key. (This will add your production key into the available code snippets.)

  4. For simplicity, copy the cURL command, paste into a terminal, then go check the email address you sent the message to.

Hopefully, success! If not, let us know at: support@enveloop.com. Happy to help!

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