Getting Started with Enveloop API

Here you can find information about using the Enveloop API to send messages.

API Tokens

To connect to the Enveloop API you will need to create an API Token for the project you want to interact with. After logging into your Enveloop account, go to the Settings page for the Project you are in.

A Project in Enveloop represents one of your apps. Each project has its own templates and API tokens/settings.

There are two types of API tokens associated with a project:

  • Production

  • Sandbox

Production tokens begin with live_ and will send actual messages with the configured provider. Sandbox token begin with test_ and only mock the sending action. Therefore, calls made from your app, using your sandbox token, do not connect to the provider on the project.

Important to note: sandbox messages do show up in the Sandbox tab on the Message Log. This allows you to send messages from your local development environment or your CI and test the full interaction without sending live messages. You can preview the contents of the messages as well, allowing a rich inbox experience for local development.

Multiple Tokens

You can create more than one token and use tokens for different needs, such as separating environments, testing specific functionalities, or managing access control for different parts of your application.

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