Set up your Enveloop account to use TextGrid as a backend message provider for text/sms messages.

Set up TextGrid Account

If you do not have a TextGrid account yet, it only takes a couple of minutes to get going. Visit https://textgrid.com and follow the steps to create an account.

Already have an account? Sweet. Continue on!

Create a Phone Number

Already have a TextGrid phone number you want to use? You can skip this part.

Once you are logged into your TextGrid account, you'll need to add a phone number.

  1. From your Main Account dashboard, click Phone Number.

  2. Select Buy a Number.

  3. Select the Area Code, enter a three digit area code, and search for numbers.

  4. Find a phone number you like and click Buy. (Assumes you have added a payment method on TextGrid.)

The phone number you create will be available in Enveloop once you add your TextGrid authentication settings in the following steps.

Getting Authentication from TextGrid

Once you have set up a number in TextGrid, return back to your Account page and then follow these steps.

  1. Choose the TextGrid Account you want to use (normally, this is the main account).

  2. Locate and make note of your Account SID and your Auth Token.

Adding TextGrid Account Settings to Enveloop

Now that you've set everything up in TextGrid to use them as a backend provider for your SMS & MMS messages, configuring the created number to your Enveloop project is easy.

Once you log back into your Enveloop account, do the following:

  1. Open the Team and Project you want use with your TextGrid phone number.

  2. Select Settings from the navigation on the left.

  3. Using the tabs at top, select Integrations.

  4. Click Setup for TextGrid.

Once this is pulled up, you can add in the Account SID and the Auth Token that you accessed from your TextGrid account (in the previous steps).

Adding Default Number

Now that you have this account information configured, the available Default From Numbers will populate in the dropdown. Select the number you want to use when sending messages from this Enveloop project.

That's It!

Pretty straight-forward. Now that you have your number integrated, you can send text messages, via the Enveloop API, across TextGrid's backend message provider system.

In Enveloop, return back to your SMS templates, publish one of your templates, and then select the settings you need from the Deploy tab.

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