Set up Enveloop to use SMTP to send messages.

Using SMTP will allow you to use your own in-house mail server, or any mail service that exposes direct access to SMTP like Amazon SES or Gmail.

Adding SMTP to Enveloop

Once you have your SMTP credentials, adding it to Enveloop is a quick process.

Step 1: Inside Enveloop, open the team & project you want to use

Each project (which represents one of your apps) can have its own message settings. So, choose a Project and in the menu, choose Integrations from the options on the left.

Step 2: Add your SMTP credentials to your project

Click Configure and on the Service dropdown, select SMTP from the dropdown menu. Paste your Host, User, Pass, & Port (defaults to 587) information.

Step 3: Add your "Default From"

Your Default From Email is a global setting that defines the email address and identity that will deliver the message by default. Once complete, click Save Integration.

The "Default From" is only a default setting. Each message template in your project can have a custom-set from value. If you do not specify it on the template, it will use the value you define on the integration.

Examples of Email providers who provide SMTP

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