Enveloop helps developers build & send well-crafted emails & texts from their apps. Here are some details on a few of our features.

Message Builder

Enveloop's powerful and easy-to-use message builder allows you to quickly create and design Email and SMS messages. Instead of trying to create HTML/CSS and paste it into your app, you can visually create and manage all your messaging in one central spot.

Building a message is simple -- you can start from scratch or use templates, grouping your content into sections, and add in common elements such as images, buttons, dividers, and more.

Message API

Along with a powerful message builder, Enveloop includes a simple API for triggering send events from your app. Now, you no longer need to understand how each of the various messaging platforms work (SendGrid, Mailgun, etc.) nor do you have to embed their code in your app.

Included are well-organized SDKs for the most popular languages.


Enveloop includes templates for popular / oft-needed transactional messages, in varying styles and colors. These templates are perfect to use as-is or, if you want to make messages match your branding, to give you inspiration when designing and building your own messages in Enveloop.


Along with a powerful message builder, Enveloop makes it easy to send your emails, texts, etc. using popular message providers. For example, Mailgun, SendGrid, Twilio -- just to name a few. The best part, you don't have to dig through multiple libraries to support different implementations just to send various message types.

Simply create and store credentials for us to use and your messages simply work. The Enveloop SDK helps to abstract away all that complexity and give you your time back.


Easily keep track of all the messages you have sent. Along with seeing what your users see, you get technical details as well, including the response from the provider and related events.

Enveloop logs both Sandbox and Production/Live messages.

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