✉️Amazon SES

Set up Enveloop to use Amazon SES via SMTP as a backend message platform.

You can more about Amazon SES SMTP support in their docs:


Step 1: Setup Amazon SES SMTP Credentials

Go to the SMTP settings page under your Amazon SES

Here you will see a button allwing you to setup credentials for SMTP

Follow the instructions and be sure to copy the assigned Username and Password as you will need these in the next steps and they will not be shown again

Step 2: Configure your SMTP Provider

You will need the Username and Password from Step 1 as well as the SMTP endpoint found on the SMTP settings page (ex: email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com)

Follow the steps on the SMTP setup to configure the provider in Enveloop using the following settings:

  • Host: <SMTP endpoint>

  • User: <Username from step 1>

  • Pass: <Password from Step 1>

Step 3: Add your "Default From"

Your Default From Email is a global setting that defines the email address and identity that will deliver the message by default. Once complete, click Save Integration.

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